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In Brief

Skel is a company from Poland. As a result of research and development works, our company has invented 3 unique products to enhance anatomy education.

Premium replicas

The most precise, hand-crafted osteology models, which entirely replicate the structure of the original bone.

Outlet models

Hand-crafted osteology models with small visual defects. Outlet models still replicate the structure of the original bone.

Mobile App

Interactive mobile app for both iOS and Android with the most precise scans of human skeleton.

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Nulla res tam necessaria est quam medicina


Three-dimensional (3D) anatomical models started to serve a supportive role in academic education as early as in 1800’s and are currently perceived as an indispensable part of the anatomy course. Although the use of 3D anatomical models during medical and paramedical training proved beneficial for both students and teaching assistants, due to insufficient precision and artificial textures, it is commonly agreed that these cannot fully replace the use of cadavers.

To overcome this limitation, while bearing in mind that osteology is a foundation of anatomy education, we created the first, bone-like models for medical professionals.

skelpro all bone replicas


Thus far we have collected, imaged and scanned the textures of the bones of the entire adult human skeleton with unprecedented detail of 10 microns. As a results, we have created the world’s most precise catalogue for human osteology in which models:

(1) possess all of the structures described in Terminologia Anatomica, 2nd edition, and
(2) retain their natural colouring.

All of these were incorporated into the mobile app which allows students to:
(1) view models,
(2) highlight all of the structures (their names and areas) and
(3) test knowledge by typing name of the selected structure.

Moreover, we have developed a hand-crafting technique which allowed us to prepare the most precise 3D models of human bones (please verify the Premium set). The models present all of the tiniest details and possess natural colour and weight which corresponds with actual bones.

Finally, we have combined these approaches and generated excellent 3D printed models in which all structures are marked with different colours, while the remaining parts retain their natural colouring (please verify the Colour set).

skelpro frontal bone replica-min


Here we demonstrate a novel approach to creation of digital and physical anatomical models. To overcome the existing limitations of osteological models (mainly insufficient resolution), we have prepared models that are either indistinguishable from the original specimens (Premium set) or possess all of the structures marked with colour (even such tiny as sulcus hamuli pterygoidei) while retaining natural colouring (Colour set) on their remaining surfaces. In addition, we have created Skelviewer – the first interactive anatomy app which presents all structures described in Terminologia Anatomica, 2nd edition.

Materials and Methods

All human specimens selected during this project come from the archival collections of the Medical University of Warsaw in such a way as to guarantee the presence of 100% anatomical structures and absence of pathological parts.


We would like to heartily thank the scientists from the Department of Descriptive and Clinical Anatomy, Medical University of Warsaw, especially E. Ungier, J. Komarnitki and the president of the Polish Anatomical Society, B. Ciszek, for their enormous commitment and substantiative support.

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